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Vintage  Harlem With 

Alexandre Soleyman

Jul 19, 2020

" Vintage Harlem With Alexandre Soleyman "

Written by

Jodelle Duverseau



I still remember the first shoot I had in Harlem as if it happened yesterday.

I woke really early that day to shoot with Alex, the commute was long because I live an hour away to his place. 

We had scheduled an early shoot due to the fact that I'd be wearing lingerie and little to nothing in the streets.



When I arrived at Alex's apartment, everything was prepared.


 Alex Soleyman is the Founder of " The Trunk Production Inc." and had been selling luxury vintage trunk for years, and so it made sense for him to carry his trunk with him that morning, all my lingerie were safely put inside the trunk as we left the apartment

we took a uber to Central Park, I had worn a coat to conceal my body. When we arrived there, I posed nude wearing only some thighs high, a bra and, a shade. 


The weather has cooled down a bit although it was already the beginning of fall. 


When we found a secluded spot, I removed the coat and started posing, the shoot was rushed a bit.


We had to be very careful not to get caught.

"We returned to Alex's apartment for a change and headed back to The Streets of Harlem.

I still had  a coat on but had replaced my bra with a leotard, some thighs and prickly black shoes, giving the impression of a movie star as I still had my shades on.



"As we walked down 130th street we spotted a beautiful vintage car.


The owner was too pleased to have me photographed in it. I still remembered feeling like an actress from a classic movie posing in that car"