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Quarantine City


Alexandre Soleyman 

Jul, 15 2020

"Alexandre Soleyman added timelessness to my art".

Written by

Jodelle Duverseau

Summer 2020

I left New York at the beginning of 2019, leaving New York was like waving goodbye to a part of my soul. I have met many photographers, but working with Alexandre is surely one of the most memorable moments I've had creating art for my subscribers and brand. 

"When I take off my clothes, Alexandre captures my soul, his work has a way of leaving more to the imagination, even when I am photographed totally nude"

The whole set was directed by Alexandre, we wanted to capture our current times, by adding a little touch of our reality. Being quarantined is painful for so many us, life is taking a course of its own, totally different to that we were accustomed to, but still something about this concept remains a little surreal to me. It's almost a scene from a suspenseful movie. It baffles me to think how life can just shift at any given moment, makes you realize how precious every moment really is 

Quarantined in style in Alex's living room. in my underwear wearing a mask

On set with Alexandre Soleyman, I am a doll, I am a muse, I am a femme fatale... There's always room to become more. the possibilities seem endless. We talk about music, and fashion. We drink wine, laugh and at times the silence between each poses invade the room with a random sense of intimacy that adds a lot of ease to the way I shift from one pose to another.


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