Femmedusoir "The Living Muse " | Medium - Oil on Canvas| Painting by Yomibas

Femmedusoir "The Living Muse " | Medium - Oil on Canvas| Painting by Yomibas


What’s this series all about? 

This series tries to capture
 what it means to be a lady, 
to walk this earth as a lady, 
it celebrates the beauty 
and essence of being a lady. 
Art is expressive, 
nudity is a part of the whole, 
it can’t be separated from our very state of being,
we are all it in silence, 
behind closed doors. 
Very few are
open to the expressiveness 
of that part of them.
this very piece celebrates the
liberation of one who understands the complexity of nature, 
its beauty and liberation 
as she is bold enough to admit the state at which she occupies. *
This piece focuses on one 
who has refused to go quietly 
into that good night sleep
at the end of each day 
but rather is bold enough to range against it with art, 
with poetry and with beauty. **
I believe we are story telling beings 
and where there is none we tell one, 
her story has been well told by her, 
her beautiful expressiveness of who she is 
and the great sense of imagination it heightens within the viewer, 
along side her beautiful poetries that goes with it. *
This series constitute of three [3] paintings that where completed over the period of 4-5 weeks, making up a total of about 250 hours. They are all oil on canvas, 
the images were distorted 
and fragmented making the canvas 
look like a ripped out page, 
this allows for the words and expressive poetries 
of the subject to be infused 
to the painting, 
this heightens 
and gives more sense 
and meaning to the words written. *
I believe great arts exist 
because of their ambiguity, 
where things aren’t spelt out correctly 
but rather allows for difference in interpretation, 
the way at which the question our conventional way of thinking 
and indeed this paintings is been able to achieve that. *
Series- The living muse
Medium- Oil on canvas 
Size- 36” x 56”(2paintings) & 40”x 56” (3rd painting)
Time frame- 250+ hours 
spent on the 3 series

Shipping- DHL / UPS
Delivery time frame- 4-7 days (home delivered)

_ Yomibas

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