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Late Night Vibes: Interview With Stylist Foolish

Late Night Vibes: Interview With Stylist Foolish 

Aug 3rd, 2020

Christine knows how to capture the gaze of hundreds of people—Her Art awakens your wildest desires—With an undeniable sensual grasp that pulls you in deeper and deeper. An intimate glimpse into the work of Christine, interviewed by Jodelle Duverseau

Jodelle:  Tell us about you and your purpose in life currently?  Christine:  My purpose in life is to inspire others to open up more about who they truly are and their sensuality... especially artists. In order to stand out as an artist you have to make each piece of your art represent who you are. That’s what makes you different from all other artists. My goal is to help out with this through my own art and make people think deeply about what they’re looking at and how they connect with it.

Jodelle:  When I came across your art for the first time I was immediately stunned by the aesthetic and the message it conveys. Can you tell us what pushes you to create sensual art?  Christine:  Ever since I was about 12 years old, I was very into Anime. All the women have sex appeal and I was amazed by it. I was indeed maybe too young to be exposed to that kind of stuff but I was very intrigued by it and always tried to draw sensual Anime art. It wasn’t just about sex, it was the sensuality behind it. I was always into romance and everything that went with it and sensuality is definitely one of the foundations of romance. As the years went by, I was producing more art and always stuck with the theme of sensuality but was shying away from it.. I thought it might’ve been too uncomfortable for people especially my family and it made me feel uncomfortable with it so I just stayed within my comfort zone. The day that my page Stylist Foolish was created, I made a promise to myself to break out of my comfort zone and just be completely vulnerable and transparent with my art and I’ve never been happier. I feel like this time my art really connects with people. Vulnerability was the one thing that was missing from my art. The fact that some of my work is “forbidden”, makes me very excited to create more.

Jodelle:  You create sensual art in such a beautiful manner, I love how it interacts with the viewer. Did any artists influence your art or style? Or did you build your style from personal experiences or inspirations?  Christine:  There are several artists that really do inspire me, such as Milo Manara and Patrick Nagel. Something that they have in common in their pieces is that they draw the women as superior figures and that resonates with me because I think that women are so sensual and that is like a superpower. A woman’s body is an art itself, no matter what size or colour she is.  I take inspiration from these artists as well as my own experiences and connections I’ve had or currently have with people in my life. There are certain people that I meet that have an effect on me and it causes me to produce art because of it. There is no shame behind it, I think it’s a beautiful way to express how someone can make you feel. It’s fun sometimes to go back in time and think about an experience I had with someone and transfer all that excitement and nostalgia onto paper. It’s like pulling a memory out of my head and seeing it in front of my eyes. 

Jodelle:  What do you expect to experience when you share your art with your audience? Is there something in particular you’d like to inspire in people? Christine:  I really want my audience to understand the difference between sex and sensuality. I think there’s a huge difference between the two. When I hear the word “sex” I just think about sexual intercourse itself and that’s all. No deeper meaning behind it. When I hear the word “sensuality” I think about a million things. It’s more of a feeling and an emotion/mood. I think about the process leading to sex; getting to know someone. Taking things slow with them connecting on a deeper level. Kind of like having mind sex with them before physical. Sensuality is the build up before everything happens. It’s also connecting with yourself and being comfortable with yourself before being with anyone else, that way when you come together there is full vulnerability and transparency and that is just pure magic. This is the reason why my art portrays a subtle image of “sex” because of all the process there is beforehand. It leaves everything to the imagination. 

Jodelle:  How do you create your art? Tell us a little bit about the creative process. Christine:  I’ll start with a thought or I’ll think about an experience I had with someone and try to draw it as vividly as it is in my head. I’ll sketch it out on paper or write notes about it before I produce the final piece. Believe it or not, sometimes I have days where I’m stuck and not inspired at all. That’s where my sensual playlist comes in. I’m also a music guru, I can spend hours looking for new music to inspire me. It’s definitely a great source of inspiration and can leave the mind wandering and creating scenarios. 

Jodelle:  I know many artists create sensual art for different reasons. Can you tell us why you create your art? How does it satisfy (fulfill) in you? Christine:  I look back at some amazing experiences of mine, and I miss a lot of them. Drawing them out takes me back to that time and place, it’s really like a time machine. The colours and the nostalgic 80’s vibe represent that part of my art. Every time I draw I step into a whole other world, sort of like a past life. It’s a place to escape reality for a little while and that’s exciting. 

Jodelle:  As a woman I am extremely attracted to your art form because it makes me feel powerful. It makes me connect directly to my bolder side. Do you purposely create art to make women feel powerful and free with their body? Christine:  Absolutely. It’s very important to be connected with yourself spiritually and sexually and I’m glad that message is being delivered.

Jodelle:  What excites you the most when creating your art, and is there a particular meaning behind your aesthetic and the chosen colors?  Christine:  Something that excites me while I’m creating is wondering how the drawing will come out. Sometimes the end result looks way better than the way I imagined it. The 80's inspire me a lot. The colours and the nostalgia mainly. I wish I lived in that era.. 

Jodelle:  Did any personal experiences inspire you to create sensual art? If yes which one?  ChristineYes for sure. There are many pieces that represent past experiences, some deeper than others. This one represents a connection I had with someone back in summer 2016. Speaking to this person felt like I was talking to myself. The chemistry was there just by talking. With time they became a muse and inspired a lot of my art.  The piece below represents our relationship at the time falling apart and us reconnecting 4 years later. In previous artwork I had turned this person into a character called Galactic Ivy, who is an astronaut/superhero. The woman looking out the window into space represents myself watching Galactic Ivy coming back into my life from their missions, representing the experiences and other relationships they had within these 4 years. Another reason why it takes place outside of planet Earth is because our connection was really out of this world.. I know so cliché.

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