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How The Media Images Promote False Body Dissatisfaction

"Taking nudes have elevated the way I perceive myself and has healed many of my negative body image struggles over time".

Before I became a nude model, at age 20, I was a young women who used to spend most of her days in her room writing, reading but also battling depression and thyroid disease. It took me a long time to ask myself what made me unsatisfied with my body ? What about my body that made it unappealing to me? Why do I fear to be skinny? Or why should I be thick or curvy to be accepted or be seen as desirable and attractive?

Many people in Modern Culture have developed what has been termed as normative discontent with their bodies. Women are particularly vulnerable to this development of body dissatisfaction, which has been shown to create numerous negative heath issues.

Negative body image is defined as the psychological struggle that exists between a person’s actual body and the ideal body they would like to achieve. This imbalance manifests as esteem issues about one’s body and appearance. In order to have your appearance remain consistent with your ideal body extreme exercise and dieting have plagued many girls.

People affected by these disorders frequently obsess over intense exercise and follow strict diet regiment. As a society, we are constantly trying to better fit into the mold media has created that has successfully removed individuality and uniqueness from our world. The human figure is an extremely controversial and widely debated topic in the world today due to the lasting impact media has created.

Were you by any chance victimized by negative body image? I was. And I still fight between what I ideally would love to look like and what I actually look like. But now due to my lifestyle, I am more aware of those insecurities, where and how they generated from.

If you are in the process of healing from negative body image. I encourage you to take time to love yourself daily, get to know your body, take off your clothes, spend some time looking at yourself in the mirror today. Your healing starts with you.

Written by Jodelle Duverseau

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