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Love Goddess


Carlos A. Thomas 

As I sat there I knew, I was born to be a Queen, I felt it at the core of my being. Born to be placed on a Pedestal 



Jul 21, 2020 

" Love Goddess With Carlos A. Thomas "

Written by

Jodelle Duverseau

The first time I met with Carlos, I knew a world of adventure had opened up to me. It's not often you come across a creative person like Carlos, with the passion to create outstanding work, meticulously planned  and carried over with such discipline, enthusiasm and fun. 

From the time we started working together, we created a space where both of us could explore our ideas, without any constraint or hesitation. 


I have always admired the level of comfort I have felt on set working with Carlos, he loves nude art work and expresses so much respect and concern towards every muses he's worked with. I am just every pleased to have always been treated with such care.

"When we created the Love Goddess Series.

It was a dream come true". 



"My henna was done by a wonderful artist by the name of  Kenzi, My make-up was done by me and the set was creatively directed by me and Carlos, and if I may add, the burgundy cloth was an excellent choice".


I have always admired the feeling of transforming from my natural self, into a magnificent character, especially one I am fascinated by. 

"I think becoming this Love Goddess on set will serve me as a reminder for a very long time, that this woman resides inside of me. One seating way up on her throne, dominant, secure and powerful".