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La femme du soir For Malvie Magazine



Jul, 16 2020

The Significance Of Femme Du Soir

Written by

Jodelle Duverseau

Summer 2020





“Femmedusoir” was created as my artistic persona in 2015, to explore my body in the nude and exude sexual energy". 



The name was wrongly interpreted by many in the beginning of my career, due to previous associations behind the meaning of "woman of the evening". But because of my obsession with symbolism, I kept the name.  I fell in love with becoming Femme Du Soir on a summer night when I created my first tumblr blog. 



"That's who I was at the time, a naked woman in the night, a dreamer rolling her bed, a sentimental writer, a passionate lover".


In my work I embody that “Energy”, that “Woman” which is what makes my art form, sensual, erotic, as well as feminine, and mysterious. It is of course the display of that persona and the total abandonment in expressing it that pushed me to become involve in eroticism, nudism, nude art, body image acceptance and self love. 


Femme Du Soir was named after my Venus ( Venus in Pisces ) in my country this energy comes from a loa (Lwa) called Erzulie “Freda” which represents the sexual energy that is within us #lovegoddess. Femme Du Soir also means "Woman of the Night, the woman I unleash at night.  She loves mirrors, sex, men, makeup, and feeling beautiful.

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At this particular period in my life I am profoundly aware of the power that lies in sexual spiritualism, I follow a lot women with similar passion. I enjoy this energy, I consume it and I want to continue producing content that embody sexual and sensual energy.


Working on set with Ketant was a beautiful experience. The whole team was ecstatic to bring the essence of Femmedusoir to life. Melissa, who is the stylist put so much time into perfecting my signature style 


La Femme Du Soir, was published by Malvie Magazine in June 2020. It was the first time publication as a brand.

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