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Et La Femme With Drew Botcherby

"It was my first time posing with nude male model. I was very nervous and at the same time lost in the moment"



Jul 21, 2020

"L'Homme Et La Femme With Drew Botcherby"

Written by

Jodelle Duverseau

I've been fascinated by men who enjoy pleasure and pleasure of the senses for a very long time. When I sat with Drew about the concept behind this shoot, I wanted it to capture the subtle sensuality in the relationship

between a man and a woman, especially the sensual aspect of a man.

"This shoot highlights the beauty in intimacy synchronized with sensuality between two lovers".


"Christian is the male model here, from the first time I met him, I was captured by his inexplicable charming aura, and his effortless sensuousness. He was the perfect choice for this shoot. His demeanor on set helped me relax and get into character"

"You do not have to feminize yourself or adopt a particular behavior to be sensual"

"Christian was the perfect blend "



"I always felt that the best lovers are not those who have erections to infinity and who penetrate for hours.


The good lover is attentive to the needs of his partner and receptive to hers. 

He lives the moment, appreciates what he sees, what he tastes, what he feels, what he touches, and what he hears. He wants to share and take the time to live the pleasure of all her senses".


It might seem a little unusual coming from me, but I was very nervous to do this shoot, It takes a lot of guts to pose nude with another person. I remembered blushing on set, like laughing a lot. It definitely was challenging to stay in character but I nailed after a few minutes.This shoot became one of the most memorable and intimate shoot I've done and Christian the first male model I have ever posed nude with.