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My name is Jodelle Duverseau,

I am a sensualist: a woman who believes in enjoying sensuality and the experience of pleasant sensations. I am a passionate writer, a dreamer, a muse, an artist obsessed with innovation and the creator of Femme Du Soir LLC.

On December 2021, We are launching our dream Company.

 My Team and I named the project FEMMEDUSOIR 3.0, a project through which my sensual brand expands into a company that promotes the exploration’s of one’s sensuality by selling products to sensual enthusiasts and services to upcoming sensual content creators 


We will be selling intimate products, all the while creating intimate photos and videos with our production team. All work will be released via our private platform to be released: FEMMEDUSOIR PLUS. 


To keep our online presence, we will modify our Instagram posts. We will launch two separate sites. A new style will be introduced, the purpose behind our brand will remain the same but the content distributed on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, will change to follow community guidelines.


To get access to all uncensored content, please leave your email below to get an invitation to our new platform once released. 


We are very excited to bring you into this sensual journey and help you drift into your fantasies.

Best Regards,

Jodelle Duverseau

Founder of Femmedusoir

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