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Jodelle Duverseau photographed by Ketant



Hi There.... I'm Jodelle and I help men and women explore and achieve comfort in their body through sensual art.

In 2015, I became a figure model for several arts school in New York, and id multiple private sessions for painter and  sculptors

Posing Nude became my way of life and what helped me discover the woman I am today

When I started working as a nude model, I became passionate about expressing Sensuality through Nude Art and writing Erotic Stories.

Nude Art was my main escape in the creative world while existing in a society that barely had space for women like me to expand in a positive way

I was searching for agencies that represented women like me,


 women who are extremely comfortable with their body, who simply want to pose nude,

and extract their sensuality creatively, without selling themselves short 

But after numerous searches and disappointments, I came to the conclusion that the vision I had in my mind has yet be conceived 


So I went along with my vision


and created Femme Du Soir, a woman, a persona to exude her sexual energy, through Nude Art 

It became a huge passion to represent Feminine Essence through my work


Women like me who are often misrepresented or misunderstood


through Sensual Art with content that is striking

thought provoking, educative and enticing 

Today, Femme Du Soir promotes sensuality, sexual health, and comfort, through art, and erotic films,


 Femme Du Soir represents the de-stigmatization of sexual taboo at large by shaking up the stigma formed around sexuality and fragility of women/men denied,


robbed of their sexual pride

And Now, Femme Du Soir is a Brand, on the verge of selling new products and services that will entice, educate its customers and enhance their sensual/sexual lifestyle.

Right now, my number one goal as The Founder of Femme Du Soir, is to become as resourceful as possible 

to educate women and men with similar goals, and entertain my audience with content that will help them discover a whole new story about their body 


I'm glad you made it here to my site 

But don't stop here. Join our Movement.


 "The body knows things that our reason ignores, which even science cannot discover.The mystery of ourselves, it is up to us to discover it. The mystery of our desires, the key to enjoyment, ecstasy, and passion. Our body knows what we do not know. Our purpose still remains in demystifying it, by creating new dreams, new idealistic perceptions and more realistic projections of it. In a new world that sweeps away the old, a new world where the impossible becomes possible".

Simone De Beauvoir


"Embody your feminine essence without being overwhelmed by emotions. Dare to be free in your body"

Femme Du Soir | How To Be Sensual

Jodelle Duverseau photographed by Renaud Lucas


Season 1 of


Tell Your Naked Story

Jodelle Duverseau photographed by Kétant


A blog full of sensual tips, empowering stories and articles written to enlighten you, empower to indulge in your body and take back your power

The Podcast 

Art Orgy by



Spencer Turnick

Jodelle Duverseau is using her “Femmedusoir” podcast to share her story and struggles about becoming a Nude Model.

Jodelle talks about Sensuality, Nude Art, Sexual Stories, Body Image Trauma, Figure Modeling and Following Her Dreams.


"Jodelle is an excellent communicator in both the verbal, written, and the visually expressive modeling domain. Working with her over the course of a year has been a distinct privilege & experience because her work ethic and vision is a rarity. Working with a creative that has the persistence of vision and a drive to excel like she does, is what makes the work the best it could possibly be"


Carlos Andrew Thomas, Photographer | Creative Director

" Hi  my name is Johanne, I was listening to your podcast yesterday, you were a guest at. That's how I found out about you and coincidentally, my good friend, who's also a friend of yours told me about you as we were both listening. I have to congratulate a sister. I love what you doing and how you fulfill your role in society. You're a role model to a lot of young Haitian women who need to accept their role in society as well. I am already a big fan. Keep it up. May the four elements surround and guide you my sister"

Johanne, Nurse| Supporter


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Jodelle Duverseau photographed by Renaud Lucas

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