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Grand Beach Hotel With Renaud Lucas

Jul 19, 2020 

" Grand Beach Miami Hotel "

Written by

Jodelle Duverseau

When I stumbled upon the work of Renaud Lucas. I fell in love with the liveliness and the sensuality in them. Many of his photographs were captured outdoor, which added a sublime touch to his work.

"Every women he photographed have amounted the courage to let go in front of the lens, their skin looked radiant, their body, pure perfection sculpted by the gods. I knew then I wanted to be part of his sensual repertoire".


Renaud picked "The Grand Beach Miami Hotel" which is located in south Beach Miami. An amazing location, overlooking more than 200 feet of beautiful white sandy tropical beaches on the Atlantic Ocean.


The room was large and spacious, and the view, dreamy, with a dose of unfolding romance in the air, at last a place made for lovers if you ask me.


We settled for a steamy wet shoot, capturing the luxury of the room and the panoramic views of the beach to create a lasting intimate vibe in the photographs


It was the first time after a very long break in my career as a muse, I was finally able to let go again in front of the lens.

The atmosphere tingled a forgotten euphoria within me. It felt liberating to roll nude in the sheets, and reconnect with my sensual nature in such a beautiful room; it almost felt like therapy, to point I could feel my body smile, and my soul thanking me again.

"In my work I emphasize a lot on embracing one's sensual nature. I think everyone should know and experience that side of them. It brings so much boldness, poise, and mostly, a serene control in other aspects of my life".


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