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Welcome to

Go Naked Online Series 




Jul 10, 2020 



Written by

Jodelle Duverseau



As you already know, in almost every country on earth, women and men are sexually dis-empowered and face impossible body expectations on a daily basis. Despite increasing awareness about sexual violence, and growing support for body positivity, many women and men still remain captive in their own body, combating shame, repressing their sexual power, and hiding all sorts of physical vulnerabilities, because they still don’t feel safe to explore their body without feeling shame; the thought of becoming fully free and in charge of one’s body image and sexual essence still seem unattainable for many, due to the constant objectification of the body and sexual stigmas still rampant in today’s world.


In 2015, I led a similar fight when I decided to unleash my sensual nature, while releasing myself from years of physical vulnerabilities, and body image dissatisfaction. I had ventured into the art world as a figure model in the attempt of healing myself from my own demons. After years of hiding in the shadows, I had created a new persona that would help me turn my life around.


I became Femme Du Soir as you know me today.


Creating Femme Du Soir was an escape, a huge risk at finding myself, an attempt at discovering who I am by going nude, becoming free in my body, and unleashing my sensual essence through art.


Today, I am inviting you to share your story through our Go Naked Online Series.


Go Naked is an online series that highlights the relationship we have with our body. Go Naked is created to encourage women and men like you to share their body image struggle, damage from sexual stigmas; family relations; culture; religion that have caused a rift in the relationship formed with their body.



"I have been very abusive to myself and to my body. I wish I could have given a smoother introduction. But this is my blunt and unpolished truth. I have never really given my body the time or chance to just be. It was always too small in certain places, too big in others. Too weak, too stiff. It didn’t matter what my body looked like, it was never enough, and no measures were too harsh for me to make sure that my body behaved"


"I started getting naked when I started exploring nature. A voice in my head told me to get naked and I immediately felt Godlike. I also remember doing naked yoga where I ended up hugging myself and it felt so good. As I fell more in love with my body I stopped shaving so that naked hug could feel even better. I learned that our bodies do not like to be covered all the time so we can take in sun throughout our whole body."