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Kurt Bigenho

and Beth

“I guess sometimes the greatest memories are made in the most unlikely of places, further proof that spontaneity is more rewarding than a meticulously planned life.



Jul 23, 2020

" Evenings With Kurt Bigenho and Beth "

Moments are so precious

Moments are so precious that they could never be recreated, the beauty lies in the memories, the bond that lasts lifetime.

This is what was this set represents to me, because it was unplanned and spontaneous 

I think this is what happens when creative people meet, magic seems to unfold without effort. 

They say adventure lies in all the unexpected things that happen to you, well that was one "Evening" full of surprises.

For a very long time I wanted to pose nude with a woman, because I am an avid lover of the female form. I have always admired all things that celebrate and enhance femininity, the sacred beauty of the female form, the poetic lines, and its mysterious aura.



The Female Body is a meticulous Art that deserves all the appraisals in the world. 


This is the first time I had posed nude with a woman and I'm glad it was with Beth. Growing up I've had a lot of separations in my life.

Somebody was always leaving...


I became accustomed to saying goodbye to people, to my best friends. Some moved out of the country, some went to other schools, and if it wasn't I who was leaving, it was them. Somehow, I have never grown a close bestie like relationship with any women. 

I often wondered what would it feel like to have a bestie, and for a short period of time when I met Beth, I experienced that feeling. It felt really good for the time it lasted. And now I have those pictures to look back at, which bring so much warmth to my heart..


"They say adventure lies in all the unexpected things that happen to you, well that was one "Evening" full of surprises".

"I often hope to stay young forever, but I change my mind all the time because I don't want to miss out on the wrinkles that come with old age. The dunes of the body"


I think people have the tendency to twist beauty in art, I hope whoever looks at my work can feel, the purity in it,and separate the projections they receive from it, to experience the message behind what I produce. This is one of the most beautiful piece of art Kurt has photographed with all of our consent and acceptance. 

That Evening we simply created in a moment in time, They were no profound meaning behind this set, which is what makes it so significant. It can indeed be defined in so many ways, but for me it symbolizes beauty, purity, trust, and volatile evenings.


Beth and I were both ecstatic to shed our clothes,

pose nude, and create timeless art. One day we shall reunite again for another round, until then enjoy this set. :)