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The Godlike Man

by Josue Joseph

"I started getting naked when I started exploring nature. A voice in my head told me to get naked and I immediately felt Godlike. I also remember doing naked yoga where I ended up hugging myself and it felt so good. As I fell more in love with my body I stopped shaving so that naked hug could feel even better. I learned that our bodies do not like to be covered all the time so we can take in sun throughout our whole body."

August 3rd, 2020
Name: Josue Joseph






Reflections on My Relationship with my Body

My name is Josue and I am from Haiti. I am many things to many different people but overall I am a lover of life and love. For me Love is life and I strive to be more loving each and every day despite any darkness that I may run into(externally and internally.. they are one in some way anyway). I feel that I live in darkness but I know the importance of my light. They need each other and work well together. There is more dark matter in this Universe than anything and we can "manipulate" this "dark" energy by giving it shape with our light(Consciousness). My dream is to inspire other Star beings to light the fuck up for Mama Gaia and to get in line. I am all about liberation!! Liberation of the mind, body and soul/Spirit through embodiment, sexual freedom, Yoga(Union) and Tantra.



Q: One of the things that struck me the most when I started following you is your comfort with yourself like I’ve never really met any men that’s so comfortable in the nude and so at ease with being sensual. How did you achieve this level of comfort with your body?


A: The truth is that I am still working with being sensual. It still scares me at times at what some people may think of me but I am at a point where I would rather be ridiculed than not to express what wants to come out of me. I want what comes out to be a pure as possible.. to be a pure channel because the world needs that. God wants to express himself/herself through all of us and sometimes we get in the way of that. We read things online and start to adjust how we move in order to make less noise. We try our best not to bother people and then we ourselves become bothered. I would love to see more men embrace their sensuality and tap into their feminine energy. It is a great way to balance out the masculine since we all have both the masculine and feminine energy within us. 


"I started getting naked when I started exploring nature. A voice in my head told me to get naked and I immediately felt Godlike. I also remember doing naked yoga where I ended up hugging myself and it felt so good. As I fell more in love with my body I stopped shaving so that naked hug felt even better!! I learned that our bodies do not like to be covered all the time and we can take in sun through our whole body so nude beaches should be a lot more common than they are now."



 Q: As a man who has achieved that level of comfort with your body would you be able to explain to us why some men  would feel uncomfortable talking about body issues? 


A: Men need to talk more in general. For the most part the way that we are portrayed is one sided and feminine men are often looked down upon. Feminine qualities are often overlooked. A beautiful story that would explain this beautifully is that of Oshun. My beloved Jedaya shares this story beautifully so I will allow her to talk about it when and if she makes her way onto this project. But essentially she is the Goddess of love and they thought that they did not need her and I believe we are in that space in a lot of ways. When raising our children we tend to overlook the powerful transforming effects of love and choose hardship in order to mold our youth. We willingly choose to suffer at times and often glamorize it. There is a lot of competition. We have sayings like "Man up" or "you cry like a girl" "Stop being a little bitch". The attack on the feminine and feminine energy has been disastrous because it has led to our mother Gaia being raped of her resources and now her children are being raped, trafficked, used and abused. It is all coming out now with more and more information coming out about #Pizzagate  



Q: Can you tell us the story you’ve had with your body? what’s the relationship you’ve built with your body over the years? Have you struggle with any kind of body image issues?


A: yes and I still do . I often see myself as skinnier than I actually am. I was called Zopope growing up all the time as well as Grimo. One means skinny and the other one light skinned. I am getting over being attached to these words as well as getting better with not taking things personally. As a kid though it is tough to separate the words and thoughts from others from our own. At that time we are sponges and we take it all in. Now that I am programming myself I am choosing what I want to hold onto and what I am letting go of. I am learning to love my body in all of its transformations. Having unconditional love for our bodies is important and once we have achieved that love we can love other bodies that way too. We criticize bodies so much that people are cutting themselves in order to feel good about themselves. I am not here to shame people that do that because some people love it but there are many that go through with those things and regret them immensely. What if we encouraged people to love themselves as they are? What if we taught people about the beauty, immensity and sanctity of their soul? The media has warped our minds and distorted our reality. We must go within and study ourselves so that we can come into our power once again.



Q: As a male who is comfortable to pose nude, who’s in tuned with nature and who is into yoga have you ever experienced any kind of resistance or adversity in your journey?


A: yes I have run into a lot!!! Luckily I have gone through Yoga Teacher Training by Mike Massey also known as Yoga Mike. He has given me the tools needed in order to continue along that path. Yoga is no joke. If you do it long enough you will come face to face with yourself and a lot of people are not ready for that. We love to criticize and hate on people but rarely do we like to look at ourselves. If we did we would realize a lot of the things we shout at others projections. For instance someone who bullies gay people is often dealing with self hatred of themselves because they might have some gay thoughts here and there. I have seen it, I have felt it within my own body and it is portrayed in our movies. As "advanced" as we are we are still as vicious as ever and a lot of this anger is pushed onto the planet as well as ourselves. Through yoga you will realize that you and the planet are connected. The trees are not apart from you, they are a part of you. Your lungs are not complete without the trees. We cannot survive without the bees. We are being distracted from ourselves so we have become so small in our own eyes and what we call ourselves emcompasses a lot less than it should.