The Rise To A New Novelty.-

Femme ! Nudity! Sex! 


Three words that, like drugs, money and power, are constantly provoking debates in all societies. 

Combined into one, this gives rise to a novelty, a phenomenon that was not expected: Femme du Soir! An initiative, a movement, a brand. An ideal that is as captivating, thought provoking, as well as innovative. While challenging our perception, goes as far as destroying sexual stigma and modern taboos. Such madness some will say! 

But the world, isn't it created as such? What is good can also be bad. And what seems to be concealed may as well reveal a certain goodness. This is therefore; a factor of magnitude, a vector of power that cannot be ignore, even in the eyes of the prude. It is remains tempting, delectable, and sure fascinating. Much more dangerous than fragile, it is above all a paradox that good as well as evil is conciliable and concordant, that between the day (noisy and indiscreet) and the night (silent and discreet), there is the evening that represents a conjunction, which constitutes a bridge.

      This is philosophically the meaning and the essence of the struggle that Jodelle D. Duverseau leads through Femme du Soir. A fight for a better understanding of a certain type of women. A fight that takes place in the body by exhibiting the flesh in the battle against sexual taboo and the repressive societal norms towards nudism, erotic expression, and sexual liberation.

        Magnificent in the eyes of some and misunderstood by others, admired and at the same time banished; The initiator of this current that approaches the "pro-sex feminism" while differing from the Slutwalk and the Femen will be presented via this brand.

       Whoever you are, stay alert and hang on! Answers to your questions concerning the simplicity in the sensual intertwined with the complexity of the erotic, where strength and softness collides to create a work of art , and Femmedusoir, in particular the persona created to purge it all out , will be revealed with unparalleled pleasure, with an intense inclination, and an infaillible objectivity, that it is as poetic, even as marvelous, as a naked body humanizing our outmost shameful, and avoided fantasies.