Nourish The Erotic Within.-

I have been sapiosexual my entire life. My sexual desires, identity, pleasure etc... have always begun in my head. From the age of 8 years old I was already drawn to knowledge. Reading played a big part in my childhood days. My favorite subjects to read about were philosophy, astrology, and the human anatomy and sexuality. Thus, from that age on I began to be drawn to highly intelligent men. There’s something about an intelligent person that is somewhat fascinating and at the same erotic to me. Over the years I realized I am an « erotist » a «sensualist » and a sapio-sexual woman. Sensual mind games combined with a mixture of intellectual sparks, was enough to get me interested in someone. I often overlook the physicality of certain things, such as the way a person looks on the outside; their mind, their voice, charm, laughter, their movement and character would appeal to me first. 

Therefore my sexuality began in my head first with the most subtle, and intangible things slowly taking flesh, bringing me closer to the doorways of arousal. Sensuous feelings would propagates throughout my body like a hot blazing flame, with a combination of unleashing fantasies and sensual gestures, freeing at last in the physical body 

Many men sometimes have trouble understanding the art of eroticism and how to enter a woman’s mind whose sexual aura resides in the mind not so much in the physical. Those problems arose because of a lack of knowledge about the female sexuality. 

The game of eroticism is a much more harder game to play. But although complex, it can be fun when both party are willing to express their emotional desires, while tantalizing the senses, unleashing their fantasies with  unlimited passion and  without any restraints towards what they desire to feel release or express. 

The erotic man or woman is a master at humanizing his/her sexual acts and decoding the most subtle imaginative sexual desires of his u. Because this game begins in the mind one must carry his pursuits with patience and create an atmosphere where the unknown can be revealed, and the unseen can be seen. 

This game is in fact made for the kind of people who don’t rush into the preliminaries of their sexual desires, but rather proceed with swiftness and astuteness towards their target.  The erotic suggests, rather than shows, nothing is ever rushed, everything is in finesse, in the unspoken, the unknown. 

If one wants to spice up his/her sexual life, exploring and unleashing erotic acts will ignite a desire, a flame that could take days to put out. 

I aspire to continue to be patient and show more people how to discover the erotic in them.

But we must learn to nourish the erotic within, without releasing too quickly to our primitive desires, very few have mastered this art. 

Jodelle DuverseauComment