Discover Your Power In The Nude.-

The most powerful self loving attributes were given to me through my nudist escapades. Weird but true. Being nude is the most intimate encounter you can have with yourself, the most natural and liberating one too. Ive always felt alive and free when I am nude for it is the most sensual experience I've ever had experience with myself, simply by undressing nude, savoring every inch of your nudity can be very therapeutic. But when it comes to nudity we are not riding the same frequencies, nudity for many of us is not self evident, it can, according to the experience of each, be lived in embarrassment, discomfort or shame. Modesty was introduced throughout our early childhood years, and over time we've learned to use it to protect ourselves, still In the face of nudity, we are not equal.

For a long time self love depended on how we were looked at, from the way we were greeted, appreciated or deceived, As we grew up, we internalized those feelings, the need for approval unconsciously became a depending habit that pushes us to look at ourselves objectively, waiting relentlessly for a perfect body to love. I believe that in order to appreciate who we are, we have to start by accepting what we are. We can to learn to embrace our nudity for what it is, by undressing our mind of what was taught to us as aesthetically beautiful and acceptable. Because to be well in one's skin implies that there is no separation between oneself and one's body. Accepting your body as it is, with its imperfections and the inevitable changes that time imposes, without dissociating it from itself is one of the most rewarding and powerful achievements anyone can accomplish. One I still yet have to achieve.

Becoming a nude model for me was a way to partly reconcile with how I perceived myself, as I recalled many times staring at my reflection not through my  eyes but through how people viewed me. My desire to go nude is in fact a challenge, a beautiful adventure that eventually exposed me to the subtle world of sensuality. 

But for many, women and men, being comfortable nude still remain a test, for they have yet to face who they really are, the false stigmas, and the disgraceful disguise of modesty as protection from a world that too often hypocritically applauds deceitful patterns than the raw truths beyond who we are. Feeling bold naked seems like a far fetched dream to those victimized by the pressure behind the standard of modern beauty, and what the ambient culture presents as aesthetically correct and beautiful.

Today can be the day where you start by reconciling with yourself. Exploring my own body has opened a huge window in my mind, in comparison to the limitations I had miserably inflicted on my self before, now I see the world and people beyond the usual. My perception of my own body is starting to change slowly and has helped me change the way I perceive other bodies structured different than my own. I believe that embracing your nudity will make you feel more in tuned with yourself and in charge of your life, as you will begin to love yourself more and more. There are many ways to start to love yourself but embracing your nudity will be a rewarding start to become fully connected with who you are and your purpose.

Jodelle Duverseau