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Palm Trees Beach View



Biscayne Escapade with

Joey Rosado

Jul, 16 2020

"Cleopatra of the New World"

Written by

Jodelle Duverseau

Summer 2020

Working with Joey Rosado to expand my vision behind the concept called " Cleopatra Of The New World" was an inspiring experience. I have known Joey for over 10 years now, we met at the very beginning of his career. I have always been such a fan of his work from the very first time, for the way he captures The Black Women's essence, in all its magnificence, and flawlessness.

"Joey Rosado is the ultimate master of capturing the beauty of the  Black Woman."

"It was said by many, that if you want your beauty to be captured, to have yourself photographed behind the lens of Islandboi. He creates magic".


"That day I ran free, nude, with the wind caressing my hair, and the sun kissing my skin. I l raised my hand up to fully be taken in the moment".


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Here's to the Cleopatra of The New World know this:

"A woman who stands tall in her power is a Queen

A woman who bares it all for a purpose is a Goddess 

For it is not the brilliance of her bare skin

that blinds 

It is the reflection of her power 

It isn't the meaning of her igniting words 

that brings discomfort 

but the reclamation of her freedom

People may want to ignore the potency 

of her roaring influences 

But no one ever forgets 

the women who stood tall against the wind"


"Experience your body, create rituals to connect to yourself and when you need to let go all the way, strip down yourself to Mother Nature"


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