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Femme Du Soir 

Art Series 

Jul 20, 2020

" Art Series "


Written by
Jodelle Duverseau

Being and working as a muse for 5 years had impacted my entire life
in the pursuit of searching for myself and learning to appreciate my body
I came across some of the most amazing people in the Art World 

This whole experience changed my perspective on life, I experienced a wide range of culture, people from all walks of life and artistic style.

Nothing was ever dull or boring, there was always something to learn, to teach or to give back. Art fed my soul, and proved my worth beyond physicality. The ability to let people use my body in art by sharing my vulnerabilities, my stories, my dreams, gave Life Art Modeling a profound meaning to me.Till this day, nothing could top that experience I had, and still is experiencing as a muse. Those moments will remain some of  the best highlights in my life.


This piece focuses on a woman who has refused to go quietly into that good-night-sleep at the end of each day but rather is bold enough to range against it with art, poetry and beauty.