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Jodelle Duverseau is the CEO and Founder of Femme Du Soir. Femme Du Soir means “Woman Of The Night. Reincarnation mediator or Goddess, Jodelle Duverseau a Haitian woman of 30 years from the diaspora, offers her worship to the sensuality of women. Femmedusoir aims to promote women, through erotic literature, sensual images and films.


At the Age of 8 years old, Jodelle Duverseau discovered a form of expression that resided within the depth of her soul. She was drawn to nature, she called the moon her companion, she admired the night's mystery, and the way the wind swayed through her hair, she loved the smell of the earth after the rain and dreamed of lying nude on foreign beaches. She admired the warmth of sunsets and sought the promises of the dawn. Women like her aren't afraid to dream, to cry and express their vulnerability with ease. They understand that their femininity is not a weakness and that they are not only defined by their strength. From that time on,she used that essence to connect with people, her environment, and most importantly herself. That essence was used often as a form of escapism, meditation, and awareness as Jodelle Duverseau mastered it over time to create a work of art; depicting her most vibrant sexual experiences, portraying her "Joie de Vivre", her desire to connect with nature and people, her hunger for harmony, love and diversity in creative expression for the sake of innovation.


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